I am helping a friend with his sci-fi short movie.
He asked me to create a design for a street police/security robot .

His description was for a compact ,man size mecha , with legs and wheels , and some sort of armament.
It must be capable of roll in the streets , and walk on more difficult places, and even climbing walls.

This version will not be used , thats why I am posting here now.
The approved version is more insect like and with vibrant colors.
Of course, I will eventually post the final version  here.

2 comentários:

  1. It´s great! Very clean and cool . Congrats!

  2. This design looks very sleek indeed, my friend! ^^

    I especially like your incorperation and design of the robot's compact-style weaponry; those are quite keen additions!

    Very impressive work, as always! :D