Here is a work I did for a Cel Phone game studio.

I had to design the towers and create them in 3d ( MAYA).
all the towers had an upgrade version.
The funny part was to render them in very small format ( 80x80 pixels).
I also did the cover of the game using the same 3d models , but in bigger format , and I made a composition in Photoshop.

Another task was to create the zombie face that would be thegame  button on Apple site .
I did two version , one as an illustration , and the other as a 3d model .

Don't follow the cat

Remember , Never leave the group , never go downstairs , and never EVER follow the cat.
Here is another art from a Ridley Scott movie .
I guess I just like his style , he he .
Anyway . ALIEN is one of my all time favorites .

I did this image on Photoshop 4 , in about 5 hours .
take a look on the progression image.

Tears in the Rain

Now that I am on a Movie fan art mood , I decided to push some of my limits , and try on human portrait .
and believe me , that was not easy .

A friend of mine just told me that the white pidgeon represent Roy soul been free from that body .
Amazing .

now the tech part ,
I did all in photoshop 4 , in 3 hours ,and I painted on this exact size.
And of course I did look to some ref picts of Rutger Hauer.
I am helping a friend with his sci-fi short movie.
He asked me to create a design for a street police/security robot .

His description was for a compact ,man size mecha , with legs and wheels , and some sort of armament.
It must be capable of roll in the streets , and walk on more difficult places, and even climbing walls.

This version will not be used , thats why I am posting here now.
The approved version is more insect like and with vibrant colors.
Of course, I will eventually post the final version  here.

And here is my finished painting .
My homage to one of my favorite movies of all time.

Made in Photoshop4 , in 8 hours .
I used ref picts of a spinner toy , some old buildings , and from the actor .

Bellow you can see the progression painting.

Here is a thumb size version , where I am blocking the color and volumes .

Here is a simple doodle for what I hope will be my next painting .
I truly believe the image need no explanation .